Gusho – Reactive protective dress

Through a study of the effects of electromagnetic pollution on living beings Gusho – the Reactive Protective Dress – aims to visualize the presence of electromagnetic radiation while providing an adaptive, shielding system.
Gusho is a reactive clothing, a sort of extension of our nervous system: when it detects a spike in electromagnetic radiations, the clothing triggers a mechanic reaction and deploys a shielding fabric that transforms it into a protective shelter. By using the material and communicative power of fashion, Gusho elicits a reflection on the impact of technologies and, by making the invisible visible, it tells us a story about the environment we all live in.

Cora Bellotto graduated in 2011 at the Fashion & Textile Design program of NABA, in Milan, and recently obtained a Master in Fashion Design at the Domus Academy.
Laura Malinverni is an artist and researcher working at the intersection of art and emerging technologies. She is a PhD student in Communication Technologies, and she holds a Master in Cognitive Sciences and a bachelor degree in Fine Arts. She is currently working in the field of learning and gaming technologies. She has been living in Barcelona since 2008. Her works have been featured in many festivals and expositions internationally.

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