Le Whaf

Le Whaf gives you a poetic, delicious and low-calorie way to enjoy your favorite liquid recipe or drink (such as cocktails, fruit juices, liquors…) by sipping it as a cloud of flavors. Through this exclusive tasting experience, Le Whaf offers you the possibility to once again discover every single flavor of a cocktail.

Marc Bretillot is a french culinary designer. He graduated from École Boulle; passionate about cuisine, he questions our relation to the action of eating and works on new shapes and solutions for cooking objects and tools, keeping in mind the respect of culinary honesty and emotions.
David Edwards, a creator (Andrea, AeroShot, Le Whaf, Cellbag…), writer, and educator, teaches at Harvard University and is the founder of Le Laboratoire in Paris, France. His work is at the core of a network of art and science labs in Europe, USA and Africa (ArtScience Labs).

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